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Testing Services
We are doing testing services for different types of SMPS units
We have developed Automatic Test Equipment for testing SMPS units
The unit consists of
» Programmable AC power supply
» Programmable Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
» Programmable Multimeter
» Programmable Electronic Load
» Controllable High Voltage Equipment
» LabVIEW based control and measurement application software
» Connectivity using Ethernet and USB
» Accessory indicating instruments
» Auto / Manual Functional test using a mouse and LCD Monitor
» Auto / Manual High Voltage test using separate mouse and separate LCD Monitor

Cable Harness Work
We are doing cable harness work having
» Input and output interface cable formation of different lengths maximum up to 10 meters
» Splicing of joints in different branches maximum of 7 branches
» Hook joints for different branches
» Male and Female pins crimping
» D type connector hood fixing
» Banana connector soldering
» Lug soldering
» Boot sinking
» BNC connector soldering
» Euro connector pin crimping and wiring
» Metal Braid work and braid soldering
» Teflon insulation covering for cables
» Terminal block routing work
» SCSI connector soldering work